This silconrubber based cable filler has been developed for the waterproof filling of telecommunication cables. For this purpose the cables can either be filled by blocks (10 to 15%) or fully filled. For block filling normally the compound is filled under pressure.


Best results are obtained when the components A and B are mixed in a ratio 10 : 1 (by weight).


This blend has a pot life of approx 24 hours. The viscosity of the mixture is immediately after blending 15 to 20 Pas. And steadily increases. At room temperature complete vulcanisation takes some weeks, at 60C vulcanisation is finished in 2 hours.


The vulcanised SILCOMPOUND 75 A/B is a soft rubbery material with the following characteristics:

- shore hardness A 3-5

- resistivity min. 10x10

- dielectric constant 2.8 - 3.2

- tangent delta 0.01 at 1Khz


Standard packing for the A component is a plasticlined full open head drum, containing 250 kg and for the B component a hobbock containing 25 kg. See our safety data sheet before handling SILCOMPOUND 75 A/B.